The Location of Minsuku Sumitomo-Inn?

Minsuku Sumitomo-Inn is near by Hokodate station. go straight from the central entrance of the station, do not need to turnaround, just following by the first traffic lights to fifth traffic lights' you will see the Minsuku Sumitomo-Inn . Or you can take the city transport directly to Omori Cho station from the airport of takes only about 17 mins, the Omori Cho station is in front of the hostel.


How to get to Minsuku Sumitomo-Inn?


all internal or international flights can transfer to Hokkodate airport, it takes only about 17 mins by bus from the Hokkodate airport to our hotel

It takes about 40 mins from New Chitose Airport to Hokkodate by flight, from Tokyo to Hokkodate it takes about 1 hour 20 mins ,or from Osaka it takes about 1 hour 40 mins

Besides,you can take the city transport from our hotel to the airport of Hokodate directly .it takes only about 17 mins




From Hokodate JR station to Aomoli it takes about 2 hours 10mins or it takes about 3 hours from Hokkodate JR station to Saporo




City train it is main transport in the city

It is good to buy a "one day pass" that you can take City Bus or City Train while you travel around in Hokkodate

It costs 1000 Yen


















Minsuku Sumitomo Map

Hakodate Festival Schedule

Festival Date Festival Name

There are around romantic night-lights in Goryokaku Park & Onuma International Park during this season it is good to take a walk with best person or your family.

2/1 ~ 4/30

King Crab which is very popular & tasty seafood abound in Hokkodate now ,some people visit here with a reson it is King Crab. (it is available to order fresh and cheaper King Crabs from us if there are special requests you need)

Now you can see all of Cherry Blossoms full on the trees in Hokkodate during this particular season,or during(5/10~20 ) the castle of Matumae which will be as like garden of Cherry Blossoms

5 /1~5/15

It is season for Azalea flowers in M.t E-San,moreover,you can feel like all the world when you stand on the top of M.t E-San



It is season to abound with all tasty foods such like Corns, Rock melon,Peaches,Huge grapes and tasty Squids. you better have tried it.

8/1 ~8/3

Hakodate Festivities from 8/1~8/2 every nigh tabout two hours fantastic fire work shows,and 8/2~3 the caroche parade around on the stress,do not miss it 。

9/1 ~9/25
It is great season to have a beatiful views while in the Hot Spring
10 /20~10/30

Hokkaido, like four pictures throughout the year, maple leaf season is one of the beautiful scenery among them , the bright-coloured breath is permeated with the whole autumn.


The beginning of every November is all the time when the powder snow in Hakodate dances, the thin and thin snow flake comes down from the Heaven, well there is beautiful scenery like poem picture.


Hakodate can experience the thick breath on Christmas everywhere, It can be representing Hakodate most that Kanemorired Brick Warehouse is the beautiful snow is romantic. Will well set off fireworks in front of the warehouse full of trees of gold on time 12/1~ 12/25 every nights