The Morning Market In Hokodate




Minsuku Sumitomo-Inn is organized by Mrs. Chen who has been living in Hokodate over than 20 years , provides the comfortable place which makes all travelers to feel like home it is the principle about the Minsuku Sumitomo, offers the best prices and services it is the only reason we are here. We are one of JAPAN Offical Hostel.

Hokodate, Hokkaido Minsuku Sumitomo-Inn



Hokkaido Fruit - HamiMelon


Hokodate Sea Food

One of biggest harbor was built in Hokkodate city there are many tasty food around that you can not miss when you visit this city of seafood.





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Romatic in Kanemorired Brick Warehouse

The best place for couples & families to go it must be Kanamori Bay where around many restaurants and shops.


Hakodate Festivities

Besides delicious foods there are a lots of interesting activity for net friend's reference

Hakodate Weather

Update Date : 05/23/2019

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